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Pregnancy Rules By Airlne

All airlines recommend that the pregnant ladies to consult a doctor before traveling at any point during their pregnancy. We request all pregnant ladies to read pregnancy rules of the respective airlines before planning their trip. Some important points that need to be followed are:

  1. Take a medical clearance from your healthcare provider or doctor not more than 7 days before your journey stating that you are fit to travel.
  2. You should take your due date into consideration for return trip.
  3. You should avoid taking flights if your pregnancy is complicated and risky in nature.
  4. If you are travelling on long-haul flights, identify if your body allows you to take a hectic flight journey as the seat-width may be uncomfortable in case of heavy pregnancy.

For detailed information about the same, please contact the airline you are travelling with.

1.8. All Disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.