Frequently asked questions (FAQ)                                      

1. I'm moving with babe Is there something special I would like to carry?
Ans: Babies b/w the age of zero to a pair of years are thought of not being a babe a pair of to twelve years are thought of to be a kid.
Infants don't seem to be allotted separate seats. For an Associate in Nursing babe price ticket, it's necessary to hold a certificate of the babe on the side of the price ticket.

2. what's the ordinance for babe, Child, Adult, and Senior citizens?

  • Ans: Age vary of babe : 0-2 years
  • The age vary of kid: 2-12 years
  • The age varies from Adult:12-60 years
  • The age varies of adult: Above sixty years

3. what percentage of Passengers may be engaged in one PNR?
Ans: most 9 Passengers