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Avoid these mistakes while booking cheap flight tickets

Buying a plane ticket seems simple. But, some details require the attention of travelers and make a difference. This post lists mistakes made by both beginners and seasoned travelers, with tips to avoid them and other information for safer shopping.

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First mistake: not buying the ticket when a good opportunity appears or buying at the last minute

There are two great risks. The first is when you find the perfect cheapest flight ticket, with a good price, the day and time you want, but instead of issuing it immediately, decide to buy it later. The possibility that the rate has increased when you check back is very high, especially if it is a good promotion. Therefore, the idea is to combine possible travel dates with your travel companions in advance, preferably with some flexibility, so that the decision is made quickly when a good price appears.

Another issue is never buying a plane ticket very close to the day of travel. With few exceptions, ticket prices increase less than 30 days before the trip and continue to increase until the day before the flight. On summer vacations and winter vacations, the anticipation should be even greater. So if you don't want to pay more, plan your trip.

Second mistake: buying a plane ticket without knowing if it includes checked baggage, seat selection, flexibility, and other services that you will use

Gone are the days when the only concern of the traveler was the date and time of the flight. More and more airlines are selling fares with fewer services included, charging almost everything separately, and the price of these services varies a lot.

When choosing your ticket, you need to do the math, as most people don't want to travel with just a handbag to another continent.

Anyone traveling with their family has another concern: reserving seats. Not all companies charge for seat reservations, so it is important to ask when purchasing the ticket.

Those looking for flexibility should also factor in the costs of changing the flight date. Certain fees don't even allow you to do so, even if the customer is willing to pay.

Third mistake: not paying attention to the flexibility of the passage to make changes

You can discover this in the worst possible way, but most tickets sold are not reprogrammable or refundable. This means that you have a good chance of losing all or most of what you paid (except for shipping fees).

Businesses should offer more flexible rates in all cases, but prices can be much higher than promotional rates. In all cases, buying a ticket to take advantage of a promotion that you already think of rescheduling is a bad idea!

Fourth mistake: not checking the date and time of the flight and the names of the passengers

Problems of this nature are more common than you might think. It's very easy to get confused with calendars on shopping sites, and when you realize it, you had already selected the flight for a different day or month than planned. Even seasoned travelers can make mistakes.

When choosing your flight, also consider the airport transportation options and their respective costs, travel time, and the logistics between leaving or entering the accommodation. Also, pay attention to the destination calendar, as vacation and holiday dates tend to be different. This can affect traffic conditions and the operation of public transport.