10 of the most beautiful mosques in Iran

With their many-sided mathematical plans, fine craftsmanship and dazzling energetic varieties mosques in Iran are an amazing sight. So whether you're a guest or a neighborhood, these delightful heavenly spots make certain to charm you no closure.

The following is a desolate of a portion of the renowned and best mosques in Iran. They will not neglect to take your heart jump. Blissful voyages!

1) Nasir Ol Molk Mosque, Shiraz

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Pink Mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

Otherwise called the 'Pink Mosque', this is one of the most lovely bits of engineering in Iran. Right off the bat, you'll see its amazing stained glass. Then, you'll see great many rose-shaded painted tiles on the roof. Ultimately, rich Persian mats covering the floor. You have the sensation of venturing into a rainbow of kaleidoscope at this spot of love.

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Inside the mosque, there is an open yard. Blossoms encompass a rectangular pool in the middle generally. This worshipped put reliably includes on the rundown of the most lovely mosques of the world.

For most astounding sights, visit promptly toward the beginning of the day or in late evenings. This is the point at which the sun's beams cause grand glass examples to reflect onto the floor.

Address: Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

2) Jameh Mosque, Yazd

Jameh mosque of Yazd

Jameh mosque of Yazd

This mosque likewise goes by the name of 'Friday Mosque'. The radiant fifteenth century spot of love includes the absolute most noteworthy minarets in Iran (and presumably on the planet) at 48 meters. The external view involves complex mathematical examples packed with dazzling calligraphy and a mind blowing tiled entrance entryway.

Jameh mosque of Yazd | Image credit: Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji, CC BY SA 4.0

Inside, one finds honeycomb tiles. They're especially outstanding for the commonness of faience, kufic script and broad roofs loaded with shrewd improvements.

The mosque is renowned for being one of the most established engineering of its sort. Additionally perhaps of the most established mosque in Iran, without a doubt. The play of roundabout light gracing this blessed spot is likewise charming.

We'd prescribe you to have a specialist or guide alongside you when you visit. This is to take the whole meaning of the spot and appreciate it better.

Address: Seyed Rokn-e-racket Alley, Imam Street, Yazd, Iran

3) Sheik Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan



What makes this mosque remarkable and structurally uncommon in Islamic world, is its absence of minarets and yards. There are steps paving the way to the entry. Implicit the seventeenth 100 years under Shah Abbas I, the masjid includes a helter-skelter vault. The mark blue and turquoise tiles of Isfahan become apparent around the vault's highest point. The vault's inside is planned expertly like a peacock tail.

Furthermore, the Mosque's fragile cream-hued tiles change variety over the course of the day from cream to pink with the changing place of the sun. It is accepted that the spot was never planned for public use since it filled in as the love place for the ladies of the shah's array of mistresses.

Its mosaic walls, daylight separating in through latticed windows and dark blue tile work all add a specific dreamlike quality to the air. A should visit place on the off chance that you are in Iran. They permit photography inside.

Address: Naqshe-E Jahan Square, Sepah St, Imam Hossein Square, 4 Bagh St, Isfahan, Iran

4) Vakil Mosque, Shiraz




This huge mosque has frequently been known as 'Stone timberland', attributable to its territory. Likewise, where customarily Iranian mosques involve 4 lobbies (iwans), Vakil mosque includes just 2. Structurally this marvelous spot includes 48 twisting support points, mosaic roofs, pearl curves and the wonderful marble Minbar (the platform from which an Imam talks).

The minbar is likewise one of the exceptional highlights of the mosque. They cut it from a solitary strong piece of green marble. Its corridors and court come designed with average Shirazi haft rangi tiles. The mosque is effectively reachable attributable to its focal area in the region.

Address: West of the Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz, Iran

5) Shah Cheragh Mosque, Shiraz


Glass-corridor in-Shahcheragh-mosque-Shiraz-Iran

This wonderful 'sparkling' (in a real sense) mosque never neglects to leave its guests awestruck. It's quite possibly of the most well known mosque in Iran. The site started as a burial service landmark lodging the hallowed places of Ahmad canister Musa and Muhammad container Musa (siblings of eighth Imam Reza). Future leaders of Iran revamped the catacomb throughout the long term and the current design traces all the way back to the nineteenth 100 years, while the turquoise vault is around 60 years of age.

Mosaics of mirror tiles and glass shards cover each inch in the insides of the spot. They dissipate the illumination of the ceiling fixtures every which way.

Glass corridor in Shah Cheragh mosque, Shiraz | Credit: Amin Dehdarian, CC BY SA 4.0

Your appearance quits existing here, as you face the walls. Since each unobtrusively calculated surface on the walls renders it to pieces. The brilliant blue tiles, plaster engravings and lapis lazuli further add to its greatness.

Sovereign Tash Khatun appointed this mark reflect ball feel. She wanted the mosque to heighten any light multiple times over. Subsequently the name 'Shah Cheragh' (freely meaning King of the Light in Persian).

The profound air of the spot further improves the magnificence of this captivating shiny marvel. A must-visit.

Address: At convergence of 9 Dey Street and Hazrati Street, Shahcherag, Shiraz 71364, Iran

6) Blue Mosque, Tabriz


Blue Mosque, Tabriz

This mosque developed in 1465, with its fine turquoise mosaics and complex calligraphy is very acclaimed. An indication of exemplary Timurid design, it was dispatched by Jahan Shah. The mosque houses burial place of Jahan Shah too. It was gravely harmed in a quake in 1773. That left just the primary iwan (entrance corridor) and Jahan Shah's burial chamber safe.

The special raised area mosaics, muqarnas, Islamic plans and tile work with Persian blue, white and brilliant varieties are every one of the something truly amazing. Additionally the Blue Mosque of Tabriz is the main blue mosque (out of 3 on the planet) with 80% of its adornments in profound marine. So indeed, this is one of those mosques in Iran you ought to visit.

Best opportunity to visit is in the sunshine.

Address: Khiyaban, Imam Khomeini St, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

7) Shah Mosque, Isfahan


Shah mosque, Isfahan

This mosque is known by different names: New Abbasi mosque, Royal mosque and Imam mosque. Viewed as one of the works of art of Persian design, it is kept in the United Nations World Heritage Sites. The quality and magnificence of the mosque chiefly lies in its septet toned mosaic tiles open iwans and delightful calligraphic engravings.

Upon section remember to notice the craftsmanship and design of the entry and the examples on roof. They are probably the most shocking out there. Remaining under the focal arch, guests can notice the exceptional acoustic properties. A stone here solidly in the center of the vault (not the same others) when tapped repeats noisily through the remainder of the structure.

This was the resourcefulness of designers for permitting the imam to talk at a moderate volume yet at the same time be heard by everybody in the mosque. Guests can test the peculiarity by stepping the ground on the stone, remaining on the stone or applauding under the arch. This is a one of a kind encounter you can't have in each of the mosques in Iran.

In addition, the mosque highlights on the converse of Iranian 20000 Rial banknote.

Address: Shahid Omrani Alley, Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Sq., Isfahan 81464, Iran

8) Goharshad Mosque, Mashhad



The spouse of a Timurid ruler in fifteenth 100 years, Empress Goharshad charged to construct this mosque. It is as of now a piece of Imam Reza Shrine complex in Mashhad. The design involves a major sky blue vault, four verandas, a patio, and two wonderful minarets. Every minaret is 40 meters high.

Toward the finish of the cella, there is a major special raised area with a stone dado and a mosaic faience shell. Tiles of verdure, creative and arabesque plans enrich the mosaic faience of the patio.

Goharshad mosque, Mashhad | Image credit: Iranian Embassy, Bern

Fine mosaic and coated tiles finish the whole surface of these minarets, of the walls and the encompassing corridors. The mosaics incorporate tones like ultramarine, white, clear green, yellow, and black. Its purplish blue vault makes a lovely differentiation into the brilliant one of the Imam Reza blessed holy place. Certainly worth a visit.

Address: Holy Shrine, Mashhad 91336, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

9) Agha Bozorg Mosque, Kashan

Agha Bozorg mosque, Kashan, Iran

Agha Bozorg mosque, Kashan, Iran

This mosque has ofttimes been portrayed as the best Islamic complex in the memorable neighborhood of Kashan. It is a block mosque packed with mathematical tiles, unpredictable wood-works, mortar works and mirror-works.

Popular for its even plan it comprises of two huge iwans, a vault, delightful arcades and a patio. The spot even highlights a Badgir, a customary breeze catcher in Persian engineering that functioned as a climate control system for the structure.

The quiet tranquil climate of the mosque further adds to its charm. A visit here makes certain to leave the guests feeling revived.

Address: Isfahan Province, Kashan, Iran

10) Fatima Masumeh Shrine, Qom


This staggering delightful mosque is named after Fatima-sister of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. The mirror works here are astounding. Designs of Fatima's altar are finished with sensitive blue tilework, endless glass mosaic. The mosque comprises of entombment chambers, three patios and three enormous petition corridors, six minarets. Whole region aggregates around 38,000 sq.metres.

Its trademark brilliant arch is quite possibly of the most